Giesen Roasting Machines

Giesen roasters are manufactured in Holland, close to the border with Germany. The company was established in the late 1990’s and Giesen has been producing its own brand of coffee roasters since 2007. The design of Giesen roasters is based on the traditional approach of German roaster manufacturers, using high end materials (like cast iron) and super-efficient burners and sophisticated controls for the benefit of optimizing flavor profiles.

Rapid Response Roasting

Giesen roasting machines are equipped with powerful precision burners and high velocity, controllable fans which create the unique benefit of rapid response roasting, which puts the roast master under almost any circumstance in total control of the roasting process. Unlike most other machine brands, Giesen roasters allow the operator to manipulate the Rate of Rise (RoR) at any point in the roast cycle.

Clean Air Roasting

Giesen machines are designed to apply relatively high levels of convection heat which benefits the sweetness of the acidity and the intensity of aromatics. The roasters are designed to use clean, fresh air, which accentuates the integrity of natural coffee flavors.

Why Purchase a Giesen Roaster?

Family Owned
Giesen is managed by the founder Wilfred Giesen. The company is based in the beautiful town of Ulft, in the eastern part of Holland, also called “De Achterhoek”. Over the years, the company has developed a strong relationship with the entire region which stretches out into neighbouring Germany.

Precision Manufacturing
Giesen roasting machines are comprised of sturdy, long lasting components which are manufactured either in house or supplied by top-quality European and American manufacturers. The fabrication and assembly of machines is done in Holland, using rigid quality inspection procedures.

Reliable Service Support
Giesen clients can count on the unique expertise and technical support provided by the in-house technical staff and coffee roasting advisors who can assist you in a smooth startup of your roasting equipment and in the development of award winning roasting profiles.


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